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I love art projects and always have ever since I was a little girl.  I had the opportunity to meet a local artist at our annual Dexter Daze Festival a couple of years ago and started following/liking Jenn aka Snarky but Joyful on social media.  I was very excited when I saw Jenn was offering workshops where she was teaching you to be “Snarky” too =)  I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of her workshops over the summer … and as an added bonus only myself and another girlfriend of mine signed up so we really got alot of help & instruction.  It was so much fun … and Jenn now has kindled my newest love with art.   I needed a little bit of help with my font/word but Jenn assured me that all you need is practice, practice, practice.  Below is my artwork from my “You too can Snark Workshop”.


So I have gotten a few books with lots of tips & examples and a small collection of art supplies along with a new board on Pinterest with oodles & oddles of ideas.


Too funny that adult coloring books are now in vogue … I just prefer to draw my own lines too … LOL <3   Thank You Jenn for sparking my newest artful fun love … and thanks to you for reading with me and until the next time …


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  1. Sorry to my faithful 11 e-mail subscribers … I immediately saw that 3 of the 4 photos in this post flipped sideways once they were posted … I was able to edit the blog … but can not obviously fix the e-mails. Still learning something new with each post … the really strange thing is my husband’s e-mail had all of the photos right side up … but when he went to the website the photos were askew there … technology, technology, technology … uugghh;)

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