Back to Blogging … I hope ;)


Whew … it seems like forever since I have actually done a post … life got in the way (family always comes first) … and the summer seemed to slip away way too fast … but behind the scenes I have been working on the blog’s Twitter and Instagram accounts … and I am tickled that I now have 188 followers on Twitter and 154 followers on Instagram.  If I am able to actually make regular posts … who knows the possibilities =)

I was away from the blogging part long enough that I came back to a technical issue … not my favorite part of the blog … who knew I would love the actual writing part … goodness knows writing was not my favorite thing in school … but I am very excited at how much I am enjoying it now.  So I am working with a rock star in my eyes at Jetpack … whose job title has to be the coolest one EVER … Happiness Engineer !!  Hopefully the technical issue will get resolved soon & I can concentrate on learning more about what it takes to be a blogger & be successful at it (I believe the error is actually only seen on my administrative site and won’t cause any problems for anyone else looking at


Looking forward to chatting with you again real soon (with fingers and toes crossed for good luck) 😉


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