Chelsea Milling Company … Tour the “Jiffy” Mix Plant


When I saw our son’s 2nd grade class was doing a field trip to tour the Jiffy Mix Plant it brought back fond memories for both my husband and I because we both did the tour when we were our son’s age.  I got really excited when we found out that parents were welcome to come too =)


All the kid’s loved this field trip … and Corny outside the plant too.  I had tried to plan a family tour when we had relatives visiting several years ago only to learn  the minimum age for touring the factory is 6 years old =0  The tour does not take very long and they definitely have made quite a few improvements since I last visited 😉  The tour starts in a theater with snacks and beverages along with a movie that shows you a lot more of the factory than you actually visit on the tour.  Corny is of course starring in the movie and gives the kid’s lots of facts about Jiffy and how they make their mixes.  I was surprised to learn that Jiffy only just started making larger 50 pound “bags” for corporate use less than 10 years ago.  This change allowed Jiffy to keep their employee’s working all year long … which she told us made the employees very happy.   Jason asked our tour guide how many muffins does the 50 pound bag make … to which she replied “that is a great question but I have no idea … other than alot!”   The flavor of the month for us was Raspberry Muffin Mix … which I knew would mean that would be the box/flavor the children would get as their souvenir to take home.  Well Jiffy has stepped up their game quite a bit since I was a kid … they now have a whole take home gift bag for the kids’ … and to my pleasant surprise one for the adults too!


One word of warning … unless you are 100% bald … everyone must wear a lovely blue hair net while touring the factory AND no pictures can be taken while inside the factory either (probably a blessing considering our fashion statement hair ware).


Thanks for reading with me and until next time …


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  1. Cool and fun read! I remember my boys going with my Mom! I was hoping we could look at that as a preschool field trip but now I know we can’t due to age restrictions.?

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