Clean Eating … it’s a thing … AND … it works !!!

WOW … it’s been way too long since I’ve done this … no excuses … but I promise I will try to put more effort into blog posts & not just posting on Pinterest <3    So maybe you are wondering … what is clean eating … let me start with how this journey actually began.   Every year my hubby’s New Year’s resolution is to loose some weight, and let’s face it, there are very few of us that can not stand to loose at least a pound or two … so I always join him and try to be as supportive as possible.  This year I really made a supreme effort and counted my calories too, which I cut pretty dramatically.  So a month into this diet I had my annual check up with my favorite doctor (because she delivered our son =)) and when she asked me how things were going I told her great … except for my diet.  I have cut the calories big time with zero weight loss.  Now secretly I was hoping to hear that I had somehow missed out on the huge news flash about a perfectly safe new pill or potion that would solve my problem … which of course did not happen … instead she asked me if I had heard of clean eating.  I had a vague idea … and took a guess that I had to say goodbye to my beloved Lean Cuisine’s forever.  My doctor promised me that it would work … so I decided to dive right in.

The first thing I did was create a Clean Eating board on Pinterest for myself & for Morningstar Dreams.  There are tons of recipe’s, tips and tricks for clean eating on Pinterest.  The second thing I did was go to our library to see what books I could find on the subject … and there are plenty to choose from.  I brought home lots and lots of reading material.  The 4 below are the ones that I purchased because they had lots and lots of recipes, information about how to eat clean and even some prepared foods that you can buy that are clean.

After reading ALOT … I agree with most of the author’s that striving to eat approximately 80% clean will achieve the results you desire!  Whew … I don’t have to make my own ketchup or mustard 😉   My first trip to the grocery strored was quite an adventure … and took a very long time (and bring your readers if you can not read the ingredients label).  I was shocked to find out some off the products we love have the first ingredient of … high fructose corn syrup =0.   So I spent the next couple of months trying a lot of different recipes … finding out what I liked and ruling out what recipe’s I do not need to ever try again 😉  At first I ate a lot of the same thing … but slowly and over time my repertoire expanded.  I bought a new “tool” for my kitchen so I could make zoodles … which are noodles made from zucchini ($9 on Amazon) … and then my hubby surprised me and bought the attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer for Mother’s Day (which works awesome!!).

Zoodles might not sound good to you … but in the right recipes they are delicious … and seriously a small fraction of the calories that are in whole wheat pasta (which is clean pasta).  My favorite zoodle recipe’s are Hungry Girls so far … she calls it z’paghetti … think guacamole, shrimp, parmigiana reggiano with zoodles … YUM !!!  I have experimented with spaghetti squash quite a bit too … but for me zoodles are way better and a lot less work too.   The weight did not magically or dramatically fall off, but I have lost 14 pounds so far … and even during the time when I plateau and the scale isn’t moving I still am noticing that my clothes are fitting better (more like I have lost 20++ pounds).  The real proof though has been my husband telling me how good I am looking, particularly my legs!!  The books told me this diet does flatten your stomach, but there was no mention of helping with cellulite … for which I am totally thrilled!!  My mother asked me how long will I do this diet … to which I replied this isn’t really a diet it is more of a lifestyle choice.  Now does this mean I will never have an ooey gooey delicious pizza or a vanilla shake … NO WAY!!   I will just strive to eat as clean as I can … some days being 100% … and a few times a month well below the 80%.

I did think I was going to have to actually give up on eating salads (which I absolutely love) … because I couldn’t find a “clean” salad dressing … the store bought ones have a list of ingredients about a mile long and my first attempt at making home made ranch was absolutely awful and the next attempt at raspberry vinaigrette wasn’t much better.  Than I finally found and tweeked a clean recipe for ranch that I love … Hallelujah!!!  I do have a few more kitchen “tools” on my wish list … and will let you know if the Yonana’s machine really can make fake out ice cream out of banana’s & other fruits … I’ll bite the bullet on this one … cuz I do love ice cream too=)

I have been “cleaning up” some of our family’s favorite recipe’s  … and so far these have all been successful.  For my son’s birthday party this summer I was able to achieve pretty close to 80% clean for all of the food I cooked … except for the cake pops & cookies.  I am going to try and make one batch of Snickerdoodle’s using clean flour & clean sugar … who knows, maybe that will work too (it can’t hurt to try … right?).

So if I have peaked your interest on this subject  head on over to Pinterest and find Morningstar Dreams Clean Eating Board.  I love the newish feature where you can check off that you have tried the recipe/pin and add your comments and even a photo if you want.  Any recipe or product that I have tried I have added comments (good or bad) … please take my word and skip the cauliflower pizza crust, it was absolutely gross and a lot of work 😉  I have never been a rice eater, but since brown rice recipes were everywhere I decided to try to make risotto for the first time … and now I have developed a recipe I love with tons of cremini mushrooms, which makes a lot and lasts for along time in the fridge as well.

For those of you who would like even more details … just let me know and I will be happy to help with whatever I can with what I have learned so far.  I am still on this journey and I am still learning something new almost every day.  Thanks for reading with me and until the next time …



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