Life !!



Life … it can get crazy sometimes … I was just thinking that I needed to start working on our soon too be 7 year old’s birthday party … and take a slight break from learning & researching for the blog … when you guessed it … life happened!!   So instead of working on the blog … or figuring out how to make an awesome Angry Birds birthday party … I have been with my Mom … our son’s Nana … who had a fall and broke her hip into 4 pieces!!




I am very lucky that Mom/Nana is a very tough cookie … and after some drama (stupid stupid morphine) … she is now at rehab and trying to learn how to walk using he left leg, a walker and her arms … try it … I promise you it is not easy!!



So now I will try to balance taking care of a little more than I planned on … but that is life … and family is always my number one priority in life!!  I promise I will be taking lots of pictures during my birthday party creating venture and will hopefully have some very fun filled posts in the near future … I just wanted to let you know I am still plugging along … keep checking the blog,  you help my statistics when you do and  I added a few new pictures … and figured how to make all of them upright now;)



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  1. You are a warrior, one who never gives up and always looks to the positive! Your family ( me included) are blessed to have you in our lives!

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