Never Give Up


So apparently having a super long blog title and/or including a hashtag in it might have been why my supposedly bright idea did not pan out with Instagram and connecting it to the post.  I will give it another go keeping these two points in mind … and if this doesn’t do the trick then it’s back to the drawing board.


My hubby inspired me to do some additional work for the blog on Pinterest … by accident;)  I showed him a super cute pumpkin carved like a Minion and he asked me to pin it for later.  When I mumbled something about figuring out which board to put it on … he replied “You don’t have a Halloween board?” … which made me think … yeah I really should.  Of course if you make one for Halloween …. then you also need to do a couple more as well.  So I ended up adding 6 new boards, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day & Teacher Gift Idea’s (surprised ya with that one I bet … but I had been thinking about that one for a while).  If anyone has any additional inspirations for a board on Pinterest I would love you to share them with me.  I can literally “play” on Pinterest for hours … which is funny because when I first started looking at it years ago it seemed very intimidating.  So who knows … maybe all the scary behind the scenes blogging stuff will also feel like free time on the playground one day;)


Thanks for taking time to read with me and until next time 😉

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