Technology is NOT my friend ;)


I love my blog … the writing/sharing part of it … the technology side of it … not so much!  So my last post looked exactly like I wanted it, until I hit “publish” at which point 3 of the 4 pictures turned sideways =(  The e-mails to my subscribers are automatically sent … so I couldn’t fix that (sorry).  I did edit the blog post and turn 3 of the pictures sideways so they would appear correctly on the blog itself.  So … I had kindof fixed it the best I could (I thought) … until my husband opened his e-mail of the post and says “what are you talking about my pictures are all fine”???  I asked him to please go look on the blog itself from his computer and his response is “yeah 3 out of 4 pictures are tipped sideways”.  Seriously??


So I spend several hours researching and experimenting using different browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and depending on which one you use … some were posting just fine … others were sideways … with about a 50/50 shot of it being the way I wanted it.  Technology is NOT my friend … but I will keep plugging along and try to learn something new with each post.    For future reference my faithful 11 e-mail subscribers … if your e-mail ever looks wonky, please go to the blog directly … and if that too is kooky … please try another browser.


So on this New Years Eve and the end of 2015 … my very first year blogging … my stats are as follows:

11 e-mail subscribers (please share with friends as long as they know it’s still being built)

211 followers on Pinterest for Morningstar Dreams

262 followers on Instagram for @Morningstar_Dreams

283 followers on Twitter for @MorningstarDrea

My Facebook page … well I am not really promoting that right now … you guessed it … another technical issue (but HA … not mine) many other bloggers reporting the exact same issue, it posts automatically but the featured image is not the one I chose, it pulls one randomly from the blogs Pinterest account.


My goal for 2016 is to start doing more if not all posts about fun stuff … i.e. making Angry Bird Cake Pops or going to West Bloomfield Adventure Park and climbing through the obstacle courses located up in the trees (it was an absolute blast!!)   Thank you for joining me on this journey of learning to blog <3  Happy New Year and wishing 2016 be a wonderful year for everyone!!  Thanks for reading with me and until next time …


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