The Power of Social Media … #WhoKnew


I was tickled when I last posted on my blog because both Twitter & Instagram had over 100 followers each … with the only real activity on the blog being pins on Pinterest.  Today I am a little gobsmacked that Twitter has 251 and Instagram is not far behind with 227 … Amazing !!  AND … I have my first celebrity follower on Twitter … Ron Popeil … hopefully you are not like my husband and asking “who is that” … seriously he has been on tv since I was a kid … selling his latest inventions … before there really were infomercials … at a minimum I bet you google him;)


So my Happiness Engineer was not able to fix my “behind the scenes” error for the blog … but her suggestion did give me an idea to try on my own AND it worked … which may not seem like a big deal … but trust me when I say it is … computer programming and I are not the best of friends.

Now with the “magic” that is JetPack each post on the blog automatically also posts on the blogs Facebook page and also on Twitter … and yesterday I had an “aha” moment for how to also add the post to Instagram … it won’t be automatic but if it works it won’t be hard to do.  Today will be my first attempt … fingers and toes crossed.


Plugging away on my learning curve … next stop … learning how to monetize my blog 😉 Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my post <3

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