When In Doubt … Google it !!


I love Google … and use it on a daily basis for a wide variety of purposes and information.   So when my 2nd theory for how to attach my blog posts to Instagram flopped … I Googled it.  Hallelujah … it isn’t anything that I am doing wrong … it is how Instagram is designed … they do not allow live links .. who knew 😉  So the simple answer for now … post the feature picture from the blog post with a caption including MorningstarDreams.com for reference.

So I was thinking I had my issues with social media resolved … until I noticed the Facebook page is now once again posting random Pinterest pictures instead of the feature image I am choosing.  I did see an override feature in WordPress … which I will try this time and see what happens.  At least when you click on the image on the Facebook page it does take you to the post (last time it took you to an error message).   The blogs e-mail subscription and Twitter definitely are the best way to stay in touch with me!

Monetizing the blog … this is new water for me to tread in.  I like how the blog looks now … clean … and I totally hate web pages that have advertisements flying at you from all sides.  I will definitely keep it as simple as I can.

Just for fun … here is my Peanuts character … you so know you did it too when it popped up in your Facebook newsfeed 😉


Thanks for reading with me and until next time …


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